Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Sure, it's great to have a grandchild or a first cousin standing up to talk about you and your life after you're dead. They are honored to do it. Even if they need a little help from a professional eulogy writer they found online (theeulogywriters.com), that's OK. But wouldn't it be better to write it yourself?

It may sound a bit macabre but think about it. YOU know what you want to be remembered for. YOU know what you thought about life and what things you truly enjoyed and who was most important to you. YOU remember all your struggles and accomplishments. Only YOU know you completely.

A number of years ago I officiated at a funeral for a man who was going through seminary. He was a "second career" man so he was older than most ministerial students. One of the assignments he had in one of his classes was to write his own funeral. I've got to say, it was the best eulogy I ever gave. HE wrote it. He said what he wanted to be said, and it took a tremendous burden off me and his family members.

Consider it. Write your own eulogy. Put it someplace safe. Tell your loved ones about it. It's a great gift to them - and to yourself.

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