Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Getting Started

A couple of months ago I attended a funeral - attended, didn't officiate - and saw something I had never seen before. There, on a table in the funeral home, was a folder with a picture of the deceased on it, along with his name. It was, really, quite nice. I picked one up and opened it to find a beautiful eulogy written interspersed with pictures of him living life. The eulogy was very similar to what I would have done if I had been officiating. I wondered what the minister would do to top this.

He didn't top it. In today's world where so many are non-religious and non-church goers, the minister didn't know the dearly departed. He mumbled a few generalities about his life and then invited a niece up to say a few words.  Carol told a few cute stories of her experiences with uncle George and people smiled and Carol had tears. She would later get kudos for what she did but no one would remember her words.

But everyone who took one of those folders will read about George's life and remember their own experiences with him. They will see the pictures and miss the man they knew and probably keep that folder around for weeks if not forever.

In fact, I still have that folder in my desk drawer even though I didn't know George. I was there to support a family member. Throwing such a piece in the trash seems almost sacrilegious.

I decided that day that I would become a eulogy writer. I would furnish Carols everywhere with words that would depict a life and, for creative funeral homes, I would provide a resource that will cause families to remember them and return for future needs.

I've written hundreds of eulogies over the years. If someone will give me information I can write a great one within a day and get it back to them for comments and revisions a few hours after that. I and a few others who have embraced the idea are "The Eulogy Writers" at TheEulogyWriters.com

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